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About The Trip 


           Travel “Path to Nepal. Returning to yourself ”is not just a walk through the sights of the mountainous country.


              We go on an expedition to explore the mystical mountainous Nepal and the true nature of our soul. 11 days of active tracking in the company of like-minded people and the disclosure of their creative potential. 11 days of immersion in local culture and ancient knowledge. It is both transformative conversations with cultural barriers and a personal spiritual path...


              After all, people don't just come to the Himalayas. This is the call of the heart! The need to be alone with the mountains and yourself. Feel where to go next.

               Joint author's Indian journey “Way to Nepal. Return to yourself ”. The program was born out of WAT projects dedicated to traveling around the world: "WAT Hostel LIFE"

Where:                                                     Nepal Himalayas


 Group meeting place:                          Kathmandu Nepal 

 When:                                                     Start from   20 January 2021 to 05 February 2022


 Duration:                                                Two weeks/One Month 


 Start dates:                                            20 January 2021                                                        

 Route:                                                     Nepal  - Pokhara -  Poon Hill -Trek - Kathmandu



  Accommodation:                                  Hotel / Guesthouse/Tent

 Transport:                                               Minivan / Bus / Rickshaw / on Foot 

 In the program:                                   Meet Minded people, Easy Tracking, of the snowy Views Himalayas,                                                                            Camping, Yoga, Bonfire, Body Art,  Anxiety, Fear Mindfulness, Stress                                                                          Release  &  Phobia,  Depression  Self- healing stress, Techniques, and                                                                        Emotional  Empowerment Techniques and  vipassana meditation                                                                                                                                                

Trek Itinerary Map


So What awaits us...?

​Our journey consists of two parts - an external and an internal path. Externally, we will go on an intense trekking in the mountains and sacred sites of Nepal. We will be accompanied by Rahul, who knows the route, culture and philosophy of the East very well. And internally, everyone sets out on their own journey towards their present. And at the end of the route we will come already different..


1. Active trekking (available to everyone) along scenic trails with views of the majestic mountains with a height of 6000-8000 meters - Mount Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal


2. Meeting with the monuments of architecture of Buddhism and Hinduism in Kathmandu and Pokhara -        UNESCO World Heritage Sites


3. Immersion in the culture and the simple and happy life of the Nepalese.


4. The feeling of the quiet mysticism of the mountains and sacred places of power of the Himalayas!


5. Opportunity to test yourself in unusual conditions and in a team of the same travelers.


​6 .Meditative-creative-therapeutic practices


7. Ability to walk your own inner path.


​8. Two conductors - translators. One from Nepali to English and the other from English to Russian.


​9. Accompanying a professional photographer and operater.

Who can go…?

Expeditions are open to All age  group people across the World.

Traveling Programs 

Travel Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu - The city of temples 

We meet at Kathmandu airport and head to thamel, the main market, the tourist center of the city, where there are many guest houses and a variety of shops with fruits, clothes, and decorations, etc. .. This is a colorful place that conveys the spirit of Nepal. If you arrived early by plane, then you can explore the nearby temple complexes and the popular markets of thamel. Delhi, the capital of India, is a mixture of cultures and a boiling pot of religions, art, and everyday life.  The whole group gathers. We are resting after the flight.
Night Bus  Main Bazaar Delhi -Dharamshala ( 486 Km / 13 hours)

Day 02:  Kathmandu

Acquaintance with Kathmandu - the city of temples: Kathmandu Durbar square, Pashupatinath temple of Hinduism, tourist, market, Buddhist stupa Bodnath, Swayambhunath monastery, King's square, Namkhai Rinpoche monastery, Vajrayogini temple, Stone Green Tara Caves.

Day 03:  Pokhara - transfer from Kathmandu (6 hours)

Will walk through the city surrounded by snowy peaks of the Himalayas, We are resting after the long bus journey. Acquaintance with Pokhara - the city of love: Lakeside Market, overnight in Pokhara.


 -Maximum Altitude3,210m at Poon Hill


- Walking part of the route for 5-6 hours of trekking per day

- Accommodation: tent / guest house

Day 4: Pokhara

One day hike to Sarangkot, Peace Stupa, paragliding overlooking the Himalayas (optional), meditation, overnight in Pokhara.


Day 5: