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Established in 2010 is pioneer in the advertising industry creation TV fiction and non – fiction show. There is first show of Himanti Productions. It is one of  India’s leading TV show and  video  production house producing innovative and entertaining an engaging contain across documentaries and fiction & nonfiction TV show. We produce films that contain a variety of topics for television. Our team also has vast experience in producing contain including format show. Our production expertise with our extremely high production value means constantly churning out-of-the-box concepts. Himanti production  believe in innovation with exclusivity. Our individuality has helped the company grow. We strive to constantly take up change and endeavor to deliver state of the art products.



We are currently in the research and development phase, which includes research and development, grant-writing and blogging to build a community around world and sharing information on Facebook and Linked In. We will transition into active Production in the fall and 2018 shoot for roughly three months and aim to complete post-production by the fall of 2018.

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