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Who we are...?

We see Life as a  Moutain   


Our Vision:


We are travellers is a Human life journey Project. We see life is too short we don't know what happens with us. But in a short life journey. we forgot death. we are all running full life for a better life but till death time we are not found a better life. so why we are running? why we are not satisfied,? we all want a better life that's why in human life creates all problems. we need to think about Peace. As we know our  ''WORLD'' is tainted by violence. Our world needs more peace and no more wars. These wars have made our world unhappy and we have hardly any peace. Some countries are still having wars and won't stop.  people are able to resolve their conflicts without violence and can work together to improve the quality of their lives. every common people want to live in this world peacefully. people want to meet people to people.people want to know every part of the world culture's traditions. Traveler in the hiking traveling a group its story about Traveller who won't go anywhere in this world freely. The project deals with the topic of Peace No border. God gives us one same thing which is Red blood and we believe in Red blood Humanity

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