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Snow Capped Mountains

         WAT Destination Relationship 

          -A Journey to find a Soul life partner on way to the Himalayas.


Hikers High Five

About The Trip 


“WAT Destination Relationship tour is possibly one of the most exciting adventures that you could ever experience and might even change your life. Not only will you visit a country rich in tradition and culture but you will meet on the way some of the world's most attractive and beautiful Soul Partner”

Have you long dreamed of holidays in Himalaya and tired to find soul connection..?


Do you want to Travel with minded Travellers with a mission for peace If so, then we offer you an incredible soul adventure Journey, in The Himalaya, have fun in a great company!


              Acquaintance with minded Male-female beautiful soul,  Yoga, Meditation, Cooking Master Class, and the best soulful dance around a bonfire on top of the mountain! 


            Immerse yourself in village life at the foot of the Himalaya, and share your experiences through photography, video, and writing. 


             Meet with spiritual Guru and Tibetan monks getting to know more about life and learning to meditate.

                Interaction with other people

Where:                                                    India  - Nepal Himalayas


 Group meeting place:                         Delhi, India/ Kathmandu Nepal 

 When:                                                    Start from  April  2021 


 Duration:                                               Minimum Two weeks/ Max - One Month 


 Start dates:                                           10  April 2021                                                                    

 Route:                                                   1)  India -  Delhi — Dharmshala -Kareri Lake Trek - Manali-Naggar-           

                                                                     Rishikesh - Haridwar

.                                                                    Continue    

                                                                2)  Nepal - Mahendra Nagar - Pokhara - ABC Trek- Kathmandu



 Accommodation:                                Hotel / Guesthouse/Tent

 Transport:                                            Train /Minivan / Bus / Rickshaw / on Foot 

 In the program:                                   Meet Minded people, Easy Tracking, of the snowy Views Himalayas,                                                                            Camping, Yoga, Bonfire, Body Art,  Anxiety, Fear Mindfulness, Stress                                                                          Release  &  Phobia,  Depression  Self- healing stress, Techniques, and                                                                        Emotional  Empowerment Techniques and  vipassana meditation                                                                                                                                                

Trek Itinerary Map


So What's An Expedition..?

An Expedition is a  World Acquaintance"Soul Dating trip" with more for women and men, couples, guys and girls who are already in a relationship and just free or lonely hearts eager for communication to unite in a joint trip!  who want to find a soul life partner or soul Partner and take a break from the hustle and bustle into the world of love, feel the incredible spirit of freedom, and combine life with pleasure and peaceful healthy life.

​A month minimum 2-week journey through the Himalayas India await for you, our Expeditions inspire all kinds of things. A new perspective. Gratitude. Mindfulness. 

This is a unique opportunity to find a soul partner where you meet and travel with him/her and find the real connection which we waiting for a long time. Maximum benefit, to restore both physical and mental health. A variety of procedures, picturesque nature allows you to relax, relieve emotional stress, find peace of mind, and harmony in life.


WAT Destination Relationship is a "World Acquaintance" program. A Journey of humans life where we will meet a real soul on the way of the journey who has the same vision in life. If you will find on each other the same mission in life so in the future will organize your wedding Top of the Moutain with WAT style.

World a part of the earth that can be considered separately More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


Who can go…?

Expeditions are open to All age soulful group people across the World.

We know that in the current world and life situation it is often difficult to find an understanding person. So we came up with an incredible adventure! Which is based on human soul relationships?



Are you feeling lonely and looking for soulmates...?


People, who share your beliefs and outlook on life...?

Are you tired of signing on dating sites.?or you surviving in your relationship in this short life Journey...?


All living beings are souls attached to the body. The body is nothing without a soul and the soul without a body. Both are scurrying over each other.

People travel to explore the world for themselves, for a contented soul, so few people change their lives,

Every day, all over the world, thousands of people (travelers) get together and then quickly say goodbye, moving to the next city or to the next partner. Find something that lasts more than a few days? It is difficult, but not impossible.

Imagine if you meet your soul mate on the road to the Himalayas?

Where is the house of Lord Shiva? The Himalayas are known as the Love Story of Lord Siva and Goddess Shakti: a tale of divine love. Shiva and Shakti - Divine Union of Consciousness and Energy. Shiva is love, Shakti is life. Where there is love, there is life. “There is no Shiva without Shakti or Shakti without Shiva. Two [...] in themselves are one. "

WAT Destination relationships give travelers the chance to get in touch with a person’s soul -

WAT believer that if things should be, they will work. If you meet someone, and it should be so, it will work. Maybe not now, but in the future. Because if they both feel the same, they will make it work. they will find a compromise. But when they work, they are perfect.

Together with WAT HOSTEL, we explore the rare non-tourist and energetically strong places of Shiva Sakti and Buddha.  On our way, we explore the multifaceted Delhi, mountainous, and the Land of His Holiness the Dalai Lama - Little Lhasa" will swimming in the ancient Lake of Lord Shiva and Shakti, and many places of power - Shiva and Sakti. Half of the trip will be held in the format of pedestrian trekking, where we will get to know more about the local culture and nature of the mountainous region of North India. And along the way, the speakers will share knowledge in the field of Vedic traditions, culinary, Ayurveda, and unconditional love of Lord Shiva and Shakti. Together we will practice tantra yoga on the path of soul and immerse ourselves in meditation in strong prayer places. and we will try to find the path of true love and relationships in this samsara (material world).

Traveling Programs 


Our journey consists of two parts - the external and internal path. Outwardly, we will go trekking and camping in the mountains and sacred places of Himalayas.during journey we will try to connect soul to each — other internally, everyone goes on his journey to meet the present.



Travel Itinerary

Day 01: Delhi Dharamshala McLeod Ganj (Mini Tibet)

We meet at New Delhi airport and head to Main Bazaar, the main market, the tourist center of the city, where there are many guest houses and a variety of shops with fruits, clothes, and decorations, etc. .. This is a colorful place that conveys the spirit of India. If you arrived early by plane, then you can explore the nearby temple complexes and the popular markets of Delhi. Delhi, the capital of India, is a mixture of cultures and a boiling pot of religions, art, and everyday life.
Night Bus  Main Bazaar Delhi