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Snow Capped Mountains

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About The Trip 


India is one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, with a colorful and diverse people, rich in culture and art. Around the world, many royal residences, shrines, mosques and temples reflect the grandeur of the place and time of their creation. Travelers fall in love with Indian traditional music, dance, painting, theater, which has a history of several centuries.

We cannot feel the culture of India by reading a few books and browsing the internet. Bharat Mata is so diverse that every part of the country can show the world its history and unique culture. If you want to experience and live the culture of India, you need to travel freely.

As a crowning glory from the magnificent Indian Ocean in the south to the Himalayas in the north, India is beautiful from the ancient west to the formidable mountain ranges from the ancient west to the northeast. And besides, the costumes are bright, their appearance explodes from the shine of marigolds and sunlight.

If you also want to experience the great attraction of India in Nepal and visit the mighty Ganges in an extraordinary adventure piece? So don't miss out on this rare WAT Expedition offer.

A WAT Cultural Expedition is the right combination of outdoor activities and free time to explore the rich heritage of the country. And when you return from this journey, your soul will be woven into the incredible tapestry of Indian life.

                We will take you to different cities and help you see the beauty of India.


                   Immerse yourself in Indian and Nepalese culture and traditions, share your experience through                                 photos, videos and texts.

                   Meet the spiritual Guru sadhu, learn more about life and learn how to meditate.

                   Explore the cultural heritage of India and Nepal and guide you through the colorful history of India.


                  Meet interesting people.

Where:                                                    India  - Nepal Himalayas


 Group meeting place:                         Delhi, India/ Kathmandu Nepal 

 When:                                                    Start from  September 2022


 Duration:                                               Minimum Two weeks/ Max - One Month 


 Start dates:                                           September 20 - October 06, 2022   


( ATTENTION! It will be possible to go on this trip and on other dates if the group gathers)

 Route:                                                   1)  India: Delhi - Vrindavan - Agra - Varanasi - Khajuraho - Jhansi - Jaipur -                                                                       Jodhpur - Udaipur - Aurangabad - Mumbai - Goa


                                                                2) Nepal: Kathmandu - Pokhara - Lumbini - Janakpur - Kathmandu 



 Accommodation:                                Hotel / Guesthouse/Tent

 Transport:                                            Train /Minivan / Bus / Rickshaw / on Foot 


​In the program:                                    Road trip, easy hikes, views of the snowy Himalayas, cooking classes,                                                                              Camping, Bonfire, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and self-healing for stress,                                                                  anxiety, fear, phobia and depression, stress management techniques,                                                                              emotional empowerment techniques.


Link to the chat for participants, all questions to the speakers can be asked here

Telegram :

Registration: Application and all questions WhatsApp /telegram - +917021492798

So What's An Expedition..?

The WAT Cultural Expedition is a trip for those who would like to explore the rich cultures of India and Nepal. The characteristics of these countries are manifested throughout their territory in a variety of festivals, food, cultural heritage sites, arts and crafts, dance and music. It is impossible to ignore this vibrant mixture of emotions and the desire to experience it personally.

The WAT Cultural Expedition to India and Nepal guarantees that you have not chosen this diverse country in vain for diving, and promises the help of attentive and experienced travelers in satisfying your interests.



This is a unique opportunity to travel and explore the culture of India and Nepal.

Maximum benefit for restoring physical and mental health. The variety of the program and the picturesque nature allow you to relax, relieve emotional stress, find peace of mind and harmony in life.

Image by Nick Fewings

Who can go…?

The expedition is open to people under 65 from all over the world.

Together with WAT HOSTEL we explore rare non-touristic and vibrant places. We will start our journey from Delhi and drive halfway by bus, getting to know the culture and nature of the highlands of North India along the way. Local speakers will share their knowledge of Vedic traditions, culinary, Ayurveda and folklore with us to make your holiday even more interesting.

What else awaits us on the expedition:

01. Yoga and meditation in Varanasi - Satsang: collective meditation, chanting of mantras. Then morning yoga practice - pranayama, Surya Namaskar, asanas, outdoor recreation.


02. Witness evening prayers in Varanasi on a private boat.


03. Active trekking - Agra Walk and Tonga Trip


04. Communicate with Lord Krishna, explore the rich cultural heritage of Mathura and Vrindavan.


05. Witness architectural marvels such as the Dwarkadhish Temple, the ISKCON Temple and many more.


06. Spend time admiring the stunning Taj Mahal


07. Morning meditation, yoga and creative practices.


08. Culinary master classes of vegetarian Indian dishes.



09. The ability to go your own way and answer questions that are important to you.


10. Support for a team of like-minded people and creative people; together we will walk an important path for everyone.


11. Two guides-translators, creative individuals who are in love with life and travel, ready to share inspiration and knowledge.


12. Escort of a professional photographer and operator (photo session in a historical and holy place).


13. Discover a new culture and new traditions of Life.


14. Let's take care of the soul and make life beautiful.



Activities along our itinerary [OPTIONAL]

1. Market visit and cooking class followed by lunch.


2. Cooking class followed by lunch.


3. Indian family meal


4. Shopping tour in Delhi


5. Yoga in the famous garden of Lodhi in Delhi.

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