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                      WE ARE TRAVELLERS                 

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                               Your personal spiritual journey to the Himalayas of India-Nepal

                                                                        ~ Reconnect with the holy ground and divine energy


About The Trip 



                 If you are looking forward to a two-week or one-month yoga trip to the Himalayas, India and Nepal, then you have come to the right place. WAT Spiritual Expeditions will inspire and reset your life.



In a Program :

           Yoga classes, meditation, camping and trekking WAT Spiritual and Yoga Expeditions - Personal Spiritual                   Path in India and Nepal is not just a sightseeing tour of the country.


           Together with yoga, we go on educational expeditions, including visits to holy places of pilgrimage in                     India and Nepal, where we can not only learn more about the rites and customs of different religions, but               also take part in religious events.

            INDIA is filled with an aura of spirituality. We will have the opportunity to visit holy ashrams, ancient                          temples and holy pilgrimages.


            NEPAL is a place where you can find spiritual awakening and enlightenment through vibrant and informative tours of Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, medieval royal squares, as well as hiking through various parts of the countryside.

During your spiritual journey to India and Nepal, you will learn about hundreds of spiritual ideas and foundational beliefs. As diversity permeates every corner of India, the religions here are also diverse.

Along the way from north to south and from east to west, our views and values ​​will change significantly during the spiritual journey through India.

There are also recreational activities on this tour such as the Dayara Bugyal trek in India or the Mukhtinath trek in Nepal. Nothing else is needed to spend a holiday all alone with multiple cultures and history


 Join the Himalayan journey of the author Way to India to Nepal. personal spiritual path. The program was born  from WAT's world tourism projects : "WAT HOSTEL LIFE".

 Explore the mysterious mountainous Indian Himalayas and the true nature of our soul.

~ Visit Delhi famous places like Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid.

~ Get spiritually motivated in the holy city of Haridwar and the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh.

~ We will visit Kunjapuri and local yoga classes.

~ Unforgettable visit to Vashishta holy cave to pay your respects.

~ Yoga Camping and Egg Hiking at Uttarkashi Dayara Bugyal.

~ Immerse yourself in the culture and simple and happy life of the Nepalese and Indians

~ Feel the quiet mysticism of the mountains and sacred places of power of the Himalayas!

~ Test yourself in unusual conditions and in a team of the same travelers.

~ Go your own way.      

 Where:                                                          Indian Himalayas - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Uttarkashi - Dayara Bugyal Trek


 Nepalese Himalayas - Kathmandu :          Dakshinkali - Champadevi - Pokhara - Australian Camp - Punkhill Trek


 Group meeting point:                                 Delhi, India / Kathmandu, Nepal


 When:                                                           October 2022-23


 Duration:                                                      Two weeks / one month


 Start dates:                                                   October 16 - November 02, 2022.

 ( Note: the trip will be available on other dates depending on the group format )

   Route India                                                Delhi - Rishikesh - Haridwar - Uttarkashi - Dayara Bugyal Trek -                                                                                           Dehradun  - Delhi


  Route Nepal                                               Kathmandu - Dakshinkali - Champadevi - Pokhara - Australian Camp -         

 Poonhill Trek - Pokhara - Kathmandu


  Accommodation:                                       Hotel/guest house/tent


 Transport:                                                    Train/minibus/bus/rickshaw/walk

 In a program

Yoga classes, exploring spiritual and historical sites, light tracing, views of the snowy Himalayas, campfire cooking           classes, meditation, awareness and self-healing for stress, anxiety, fear, phobia and depression, emotional expansion    techniques.

Link to the chat for participants, all questions to the speakers can be asked here

Telegram :

Registration: Application and all questions WhatsApp /telegram - +917021492798

 Note : the itinerary may change at the request of the team.