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 WAT- Buddhist Expedition                       India — Nepal
 - Walk the Buddha Path and Connect with Yourself                                        


About The Trip 


         If you are seeking insights in Buddhism, there can be no better place than the birthplace of                       Buddha himself.


             WAT Buddha Expedition - Walk the Buddha Path and Connect with Yourself  - is a spiritual journey                             through India and Nepal, not just a walk through the sights of the country.

             ”Explore India & Nepal” invites you on a meaningful spiritual journey delving deep into the teachings of                     Buddha at several famous monasteries. Apart from this, Together and not just that with yoga                                       meditation. We will get an opportunity to witness the age-old religious harmony between Hindus and                       Buddhists in India and Nepal, which are the countries that have not been affected by any kind of adversity                 till now.


               Additionally, Buddhism, one of the major religions of the world, finds its roots in Northeastern India and                   spreads across Nepal. Being one of the oldest religions around the globe, Buddhism flourishes in India                     since 3rd century BC. Buddha left his palace at the age of 29 in search of enlightenment and wandered                     through the modern day states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India and few places of Nepal.

Where:                                                      India and  Nepal Himalayas


 Group meeting place:                            Delhi India / Kathmandu Nepal

 When:                                                       November to December


 Duration:                                                 Two weeks/One Month 


 Start dates:                                              Nov 04 /11/2022  

 (NOTE: The trip will be available on other dates as the group forms!)

 Route:                                                      Delhi - Dharamshala — Varanasi — Sravasti - Lumbini - Pokhara —           

                                                                  Poolhall - Gruella trek (Optional ) - Pokhara - Kathmandu.


  Accommodation:                                  Hotel / Guesthouse/Tent

 Transport:                                               Minivan / Bus / Rickshaw / on Foot 

 In the program:                                    Witnessed various stages of Buddha’s life, easy tracking, views of the                                                                              snow-capped Himalayas, camping, bonfire cooking classes, meditation,                                                                   mindfulness and self-healing of stress, anxiety, fear, phobia & depression

                                                      stress management techniques, emotional empowerment techniques.


Link to the chat for participants, all questions to the speakers can be asked here

Telegram :

Registration: Application and all questions WhatsApp /telegram - +917021492798

NB: the itinerary may change at the request of the team.


Trek Itinerary Map

So What awaits us...?

WAT Buddha Expedition is a soul wakeup trip for people who want to follow Buddha’s life, who hope to take a break from the hustle and bustle and have some rest in a world of love and acceptance, feel the incredible spirit of freedom in the mountains and bring peace and balance to life.

If you are waiting for a long trip from India to Nepal Himalaya than the WAT Buddha expedition - walk the Buddha Path and connect with yourself will inspire and reset your life .

During the WAT Buddha Expedition you will 

✔ Travel from India to Nepal for 21 days, starting from Delhi and ending in Kathmandu.

✔Visit Little Tibet, the Dalai Lama's home Dharamshala and the holy city of Varanasi.

✔Get to see the sacred Lumbini and its Maya Devi Temple, the site where Lord Buddha is thought to have been born.

✔Meet spiritual masters and Tibetan monks to learn more about life and how to meditate.

✔ Get to know beautiful souls, male-female, of all genders, do yoga, meditation, cooking and the best soulful dance around the mountain top fire!

✔ Immerse yourself in rural life in the foothills of the Himalayas ,Meditate on the Buddha's Life Lessons, Miracles, and Teachings and your experiences through photography, video and writing.

✔ Interact with other people.

✔ Return with a congenial expedition memory of all the major sites of Buddhism interest.

Who can go…?

Expeditions are open to All age  group people across the World.

Traveling Programs 

Our journey consists of two parts - the outer and the inner path. Outwardly, we will be hiking and camping in the mountains and sacred places of the Himalayas. During the journey, we will try to connect  the soul of everyone - internally, everyone will go on their own journey towards the present.


Travel Itinerary

 Day 01: Delhi - Dharamshala McLeod Ganj (Mini Tibet)

We meet at the New Delhi airport and head to the Main Bazaar, the main market, the tourist center of the city, where there are many guest houses and many shops selling fruits, clothes, jewelry, etc. This is a colorful place that captures the spirit of India. If you arrive early by plane, you can explore the nearby temple complexes and popular markets of Delhi. Delhi, the capital of India, is a mixture of cultures and a boiling cauldron of religions, arts and everyday life. 

Night bus: Delhi Main Bazaar - Dharamshala (486 km / 13 hours) overnight stay in the bus .

Day 02: Dharamshala McLeod Ganj (Mini Tibet)

Early morning we will reach Dharamshala Accommodation and check in at the guest house at the monastery, you will make acquaintance with - the country of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama - Little Lhasa. Relaxation. Overnight stay in the guest house .

Day 03 — 04 Dharamshala McLeod Ganj (Mini Tibet)

We will visit Tibetan monasteries - Namgyal Monastery and Tsugalgkhang, where the spiritual leader Dalai Lama lives. We will experience life in the monastery - communication with monks, meditation, silence, opportunity to assimilate, travel through valleys and mountain monasteries as we bid farewell to the Dalai Lama's home with the Shambhala, meditation, creative thoughts.

Day 04 : Night bus: Dharamshala -Delhi Main Bazaar (486 km / 13 hours) overnight stay in the bus .


Day 05: Delhi -Varanasi 

Arrive at Delhi's main bazaar for a rest at the hotel, breakfast, relaxation and preparing towards the journey to Buddha birthplace - Lumbini Nepal 

 Night train: Delhi — Varanasi ( 799 km / 11 hours) overnight stay in the train