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Hello, World  I'm  Rahul Himanti Pandey from Mumbai India. I'm processing a project called 'We are Travellers'' and we would love to have awesome companions for our project we are travellers .

I have been in the process of organizing this project before the long year, and here is my Story... 


When I was Growing up in a little village in Almora Nainital Uttarakhand India, where there was no internet connectivity or electricity at night, I and my neighbors would entertain themselves with the big radio. But all he remembers listening to as a child are incidents of violence and terrorism, right from the Mumbai bomb blast 1993, Babari Maszid and  Kargil war to the World Trade Centre attacks.


But it was in the year 2006 that I started thinking about the need for peace seriously. When I  was traveling in a local train when suddenly, I heard a deafening noise. The next thing he remembered was sirens, wails, and carrying blood-stained bodies to the hospital. There had been a bomb blast in the carriage right in front of his. A few years later, the 26/11 Mumbai attack happened. A few years later he lost my mother. "All this affected me deeply because I had run away from home to chase my dreams in Mumbai. I went into depression and then started thinking about the purpose of life,". I was coming to Mumbai as a teenager and struggled for close to a decade before setting up my own production house.


I have been living in Mumbai for the last 16 years. I came here when I was 18. I used to work in a fiction series. The struggle was quite real. I used to come back home very late. There was no meaning to life. I finally decided that if I want to love my life, I must leave this fiction series and just do whatever my heart desired. So I started my production house in 2010. It’s called Himanti productions, named after my mother."

In 2016, I organize a group with 10 countries travellers who have the same mission in life as I had. We were travel and explore Indian and Nepali mountain village life traditional culture research for “we are travellers” project. During the journey, we try to connect with local people and help them and make promotional photos videos. our first phase research stage is done already now we are going to the second phase shooting.


We Were hitchhike from  Delhi to Nepal spent some time in cities, played music, created street art, entertained an orphanage, work as a volunteer, and collected donations for we are travellers that we supported, to travel and filming project. we were helping the village people in the frame and daily rutin in life and enjoyed our time immensely!!!

With this project, We learn that people can travel together life whilst doing a lot of beautiful things for the world, and we found that participating in a project is a really awesome way for someone to immerse themselves in experiences they usually would never have the opportunity to enjoy and find a unique way to do something they have always wanted to achieve, and see what is going on in the world that we never have seen before.

Thank you for taking the interest to join our project. We will be glad to know about you more and it will be great if you can share the traditions and culture of your country in our project.

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