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A few years ago, I made a choice.

Since then, everything has changed. Good and bad things happened to me, and I believe they were all meant to be.

Today, I feel like this is once again a decisive moment in my life. I am filled with doubts, as well as hope. My future is about to unfold in front of me and I am being reminded that it can not be built without the present.

Right here, right now, I am sitting on a roof in Copenhagen, writing this. Many thoughts are trying to invade my mind, thoughts about what I should be doing instead, or about what happened in the last few days.

And right here and now, I am also choosing to do something just for myself. To close my eyes and breathe, and to remind myself that I have all my time. All the time I have is for me.

This moment belongs to me. Any mental intrusions are ones that I invite in, whether they are welcome or not. But at the end of the day, they are my choice. They are ME. I am free. I am on my own path.

If I wanted, I could be a doctor, an architect or a truck driver. But that’s not what I chose to be, and I truly believe that this concept holds a tremendous power and meaning. You can choose to go through the waves of life, letting yourself drift away, or you can build yourself a boat. Some will already have all the parts and resources to do so, others will have to start with a piece of wood found on the floor, but it will be their choice.

You can’t wait for someone to show up and tell you all the answers. You have to go out there and get them. Ask the questions. Try. Fail. Feel the pain. Get back on your feet, and start again. Don’t apologize for who you are. No one’s there living your life for you.

I feel like we all need to be reminded of this as often as possible. Heck, I can forget so easily, and I don’t consider myself as the most “chained” person out there. Yet I still keep forgetting again and again, and I keep re-writing it to myself, having these mental discussions challenging the notion that some ideas are fixed and that there is nothing we can do about them.

We can always do something about them. We have the choice.

Life is about choices.

So right now, I choose to take a step back, and enjoy the moment without overthinking it. To let go of the anxiety that too often possesses me when I think of the future.

Today, I have been invited to participate in something much bigger than me, and it is with much joy that I am choosing to play my part in it, doing the best as I can.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow…

For the moment, I am here, I am now.

I am a traveller.

We are Travellers.

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