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Nepal- "The Way of The Strong in Spirit." 

Where:   Nepal, Kathmandu, Dorpatan Reserve

When:     November 9–23 

Accommodation: Hotel / Guest House / Tent 

Travel: Bus / Taxi / On Foot .

Program:  Medium Hike, UNESCO objects, Life in the village, Snowy Himalayas, Morning Meditations, Photography.

Route:  Kathmandu-Tatopani-Lamsung-Jalala Pass-Dorpatan-Pokhara-Kathmandu.

Registration: Application and questions - write to Anna Stoyanova or + 7-926 715 79 22.


We invite you to trekking in the mountains of Nepal, on an exciting journey with the team of We Are A Travelers! We will climb to a height of 3,400 meters and see the magnificent panorama of the snow ranges of the Himalayas with a height of 8,000. We will take a new route through the forests and meadows of the Dorpatan Reserve. We will end up in places where mass tourism has not yet arrived, the locals are sincerely glad to welcome guests, and the traditions are alive. We touch the culture of the Tibeto-Burmese peoples and feel the power of the spirit of the mountain people.

And our every journey is an expedition, immersion in the culture and collecting material for a large-scale international film project “WE ARE TRAVELERS | LIFE LOVE PEACE » 
We gather a team of like-minded people who share our values!


For whom:

- This way is for those who are ready to test themselves in field conditions, to be alone with nature, leaving the city bustle. For those who are ready to give up comfort for the sake of meeting with eternity!

- For travelers who are looking for new routes, where not everyone is able to reach. 

- Who wants to see and feel the greatness of the 8 thousandth peaks of the Himalayas 

- Who wants to tighten physical shape and strengthen the spirit! 

- Who is interested in immersion in the true Nepalese culture (rather than ostentatious-commercial) 

- For photographers who are hunting for unique personnel, there are still few trodden places 

- Who wants to reboot, to gain clarity of thoughts and brightness of sensations. 

- Who is looking for his way or is already on it and is happy to meet like-minded people.

These secluded areas with majestic landscapes were once places of opposition from partisans against the local king (until 2006). Since then, life has returned to its course, and revolutionaries have returned to the concerns of farmers, and the region began to actively develop. 3 years ago, a new trekking route, the “Guerrilla Path” (“Gorilla treck”), was opened here. He is little known to tourists, and those places still keep the spirit of true Nepal.

What A waits Us In The Campaign-Expedition:

Our expedition trip begins in the area of ​​Beni Myagdi, passes through Baglung and Tatopani (Hot Water), a village known for its healing hot springs. This place is part of the famous “Around Annapurna” route. From there we will turn off the crowded route and dive into the wild valleys of Rukum and Rolpa. We will pass through serene villages, steep terrain, and spectacular valleys, through gorges with dense rhododendron forests. Let's go up the mountain Jalyala (3414 m) - the top of our trekking. From there, there is a panoramic view of the Dhaulagiri Range (8167 m).
Let's stop in the traditional village of Lamsung. Here we will interview local people who are willing to share their wisdom and values. In the area of ​​the famous hunting reserve Dorpatan, we plunge into the world of wildlife and meet rare wild animals - blue sheep, tar (mountain goats), barking deer, wild boar, pheasant. In Dorpatan, the Nepalese family will host us. And in the local school, children with great interest listen to our stories about the world.

Traveling requires physical fitness. Hike average difficulty, but everything is real if you start preparing in advance)


Program By Day:

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu. Meeting at the airport, rest. Festive dinner, acquaintance, lecture on safety in the mountains. 

Day 2: Getting to know Kathmandu - the city of temples: 
Meditation - setting for the trip. Breakfast. Walking through the city - Kathmandu Durbar Square, Shiva Pashupatinath Temple, Buddhist Bodnath Stupa, Swayambhunath Monastery, evening in
Tamel (central market) - dinner and purchase of equipment. 

Day 03: transfer from Kathmandu to Beni (height 830 m) (9 hours by bus) 
Bus to Beni. Breakfast and lunch on the go. 
Location in the guest house. Relaxation. 

Day 04: from Beni to Takam (1665 m) - the beginning of tracking (6 hours walk).
On the way, you will see the majestic Gurdjal Himal. We make camp near
Takama, dinner by the fire under the starry sky. 

Day 05: From Takama to the village of Lamsung (2250m) (6-7 hours on foot). 
The landscape becomes more dramatic - traditional village life is visible. That was what Nepal was like before the trekkers got here. Foreigners in these places are rare. Locals warmly welcome everyone who gets there. Interview and study of traditions. 

Day 06: Lamsung (2160 m) - Jaljala (3414 m) - Climbing Mount Jaljala (3414 m) - 12 km, climb 1400 m, set up camp .

Day 07: Radial ascent of Gimal Dhaulagiri (without backpacks) 

Day 08: Rest Day. Optionally, yoga, meditation, walk.

Day 09: Crossing Tallo Jalal-Dorpatan (2860m) -6 hours, descent 16 km. 

Day 10: Day in the city and nature reserve- Dorpatan. We will stay in the classic house of Nepalis - immersion in local life. We are invited to the school to share our experiences with children. Walk through the reserve with wild animals. 

Day 11: Crossing Dorpatan-Bobang (1730 m) (6 hours), rest, camp in the valley. 

Day 12: Transfer from Bobang to Burtibang (1130 m) (6-7 hours) - descent. 

Day 13: Transfer from Burtibang to Pokhara. (bus 3-4 hours) rest in the resort town, a walk on the lake on the lake Feva- rise to the Stupa of Peace. 

Day 14: transfer to Kathmandu (bus 6 hours)- rest, evening in Tamel, gala dinner, the end of the trip, the purchase of gifts. 

Day 15: Breakfast and plane to Moscow. Homecoming, full of strength and vivid impressions.

Cost of Travel

July 7 - $ 650,

1 September - $680 
before the start of the campaign - $ 700

with discount !!! (write personally to Anna)
- the first three participants -
for friends and participants of past travels -
for couples and companies

prepayment (non-refundable) - $ 100

We will help with the purchase of air tickets (it’s better to all go together on one flight - we’ll meet you on the way)

The cost of travel in Nepal includes:

·Accompanying two presenters - an Indian who knows the route perfectly and a Russian-speaking guide. 
· Transportation on the whole route - taxi from the airport to Kathmandu, buses from Kathmandu-Beni-Darbang-Pokhara-Kathmandu. 
· Hotel accommodation in cities, guest houses and tents along the route. 
· Breakfasts, gala dinners and hiking meals on the route. 
· Yoga program and meditation. 
· Kathmandu excursions and boat trip in Pokhara. 
· Trekker card - (to Dorpatan reserve) 
· life visiting Nepalese. 
· Consultations in preparation for the track equipment; 
· Assistance with the purchase of tickets and visa; 
· Group first-aid kit

It is paid separately:
· Flights to Kathmandu and back 
· Nepalese visa $ 25 
· Lunches and dinners in cities 
· Personal expenses: laundry, souvenirs. 
· Any other services not listed above.

questions and Answers:

You can personally ask all your questions to Anna . 
or call WhatsApp. 
+917506415585 Rahul 
+ 7 926715-79-22 Anna (translator) 
Skype rahulhimanti or anigaili


To the team of guides.

We are not guides. We are guides, specialists in creative professions, travelers inspired by the greatness of the mountains and the beauty of people. And we are glad to take you along the newly opened mountain route, where we will enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the life of an ordinary Nepalese village. And for us, it is important to go to the mountains with like-minded people, to become a solid team and feel each other’s support on the way. But everyone will go through his own inner path, he will hear an inner voice, and clear answers to deep-seated questions will come. 
In the mountains, as nowhere else, you understand the value of mutual assistance, gaining a strong spirit, giving up everyday comfort for the sake of meeting eternity.

—Director, screenwriter, more than 12 years in feature films, documentaries and short films.

- The founder of his film studio Himanti Productions and the project “WE ARE TRAVELERS” 
- the ideological inspirer of the journey “The Road to Nepal. Returning to Yourself ” 
- Conductor on the routes of India and Nepal-“ WAT HOSTEL ” 
- Translator from Nepali to English. 
- Lead morning meditations and settings for the day. 
- A man of the world, a carrier of his culture and respecting other cultures 
- Open and deeply feeling people.


 The organizer of creative travels and author's travels (in Russia and to other countries) 
- Art therapist, artist-teacher, free traveler 
- Creator of the Art and Travel project. 
Reviews of events 
- translator from English to Russian, from the Hindu mentality to Russian 
- art therapist, a leading morning meditations, yoga and creative practice.

Accommodation and meals:

During the trip, we will live hotels - 3 nights in Kathmandu. In smaller cities, we will stay in guest houses - 1 night in Beni and 1 night in Burtibang, 1 night in Pokhara. Accommodation 2-3 people in the room. Comfortable accommodation, shower in the rooms. 
In the city of Dorpatan, we will spend the night in the home of the hospitable Nepalese and get acquainted with the established way of life. During the camping part, we set up camp and spend the night in tents. 
Meals will be in the checked places on the route. Taste traditional Nepalese dishes from the freshest farm produce. As well as guide Raul will prepare for us our favorite Indian dishes and tell you about the properties of oriental spices.

Why marshrut- the Guerilla trek:


- Historical trail 
- Untouched ancient culture 
- Far from tourist-routed routes 
- Dorpatan reserve with a variety of animals and birds 
- Life in a traditional house of a Nepalese family in Dorpatan 
- Stunning mountain panoramas


Past Hikes And Programs:

In February 2019, the team and I went up to a height of 3200 meters. We passed the popular Himalayan track - Poon Hill. And although it was very cloudy at dawn at the highest point, during the descent we already saw the whole amazing panorama of mountain ranges! In the end it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to the mountains and return to the city.

In February 2019, the team and I went up to a height of 3200 meters. We passed the popular Himalayan track - Poon Hill. And although it was very cloudy at dawn at the highest point, during the descent we already saw the whole amazing panorama of mountain ranges! In the end it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to the mountains and return to the city.

read more about the projects and travels:

The project WAT HOSTEL (tracking in the Himalayas of India and Nepal, creative travel and pilgrimage to holy places) - this project is part and support of a larger international film project. 
WE ARE TRAVELERS is a project dedicated to LIFE, LOVE AND PEACE. The lack of boundaries, the desire for peace within themselves and the promotion of peace throughout the world. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a documentary film about the difference between cultures and that unites all people on earth, about joint creativity and creation. 
Those who wish to continue the conquest of the Himalayas, we invite you to participate in the creation of a documentary film about travelers.

Read More About The Projects And Travels:

WAT HOSTEL - Author travels in Nepal and India, trekking in the Himalayas and pilgrimage to holy places.

ART and TRAVEL - Author art tours around Russia and the world, creative workshops, art therapy sessions. Life as art: meeting with yourself through art therapy.

Questions and Answers:

You can personally ask all your questions to Anna .

or call whatsapp
+917506415585 Rahul 
+7 926715-79-22 Anna (translator) 

add rahulhimanti or anigaili


Are you ready for deep internal changes? Are you ready to face life?

Take a deep breath and decide on a journey that can turn your ideas about life! 

See you in the Himalayas! 

Rahul and Anna!

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