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                               Your personal spiritual journey to the Himalayas of India-Nepal

                                                                        ~ Reconnect with the holy ground and divine energy


About The Trip 



                 If you are looking forward to a two-week or one-month yoga trip to the Himalayas, India and Nepal, then you have come to the right place. WAT Spiritual Expeditions will inspire and reset your life.



In a Program :

           Yoga classes, meditation, camping and trekking WAT Spiritual and Yoga Expeditions - Personal Spiritual                   Path in India and Nepal is not just a sightseeing tour of the country.


           Together with yoga, we go on educational expeditions, including visits to holy places of pilgrimage in                     India and Nepal, where we can not only learn more about the rites and customs of different religions, but               also take part in religious events.

            INDIA is filled with an aura of spirituality. We will have the opportunity to visit holy ashrams, ancient                          temples and holy pilgrimages.


            NEPAL is a place where you can find spiritual awakening and enlightenment through vibrant and informative tours of Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, medieval royal squares, as well as hiking through various parts of the countryside.

During your spiritual journey to India and Nepal, you will learn about hundreds of spiritual ideas and foundational beliefs. As diversity permeates every corner of India, the religions here are also diverse.

Along the way from north to south and from east to west, our views and values ​​will change significantly during the spiritual journey through India.

There are also recreational activities on this tour such as the Dayara Bugyal trek in India or the Mukhtinath trek in Nepal. Nothing else is needed to spend a holiday all alone with multiple cultures and history


 Join the Himalayan journey of the author Way to India to Nepal. personal spiritual path. The program was born  from WAT's world tourism projects : "WAT HOSTEL LIFE".

 Explore the mysterious mountainous Indian Himalayas and the true nature of our soul.

~ Visit Delhi famous places like Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid.

~ Get spiritually motivated in the holy city of Haridwar and the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh.

~ We will visit Kunjapuri and local yoga classes.

~ Unforgettable visit to Vashishta holy cave to pay your respects.

~ Yoga Camping and Egg Hiking at Uttarkashi Dayara Bugyal.

~ Immerse yourself in the culture and simple and happy life of the Nepalese and Indians

~ Feel the quiet mysticism of the mountains and sacred places of power of the Himalayas!

~ Test yourself in unusual conditions and in a team of the same travelers.

~ Go your own way.      

 Where:                                                          Indian Himalayas - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Uttarkashi - Dayara Bugyal Trek


 Nepalese Himalayas - Kathmandu :          Dakshinkali - Champadevi - Pokhara - Australian Camp - Punkhill Trek


 Group meeting point:                                 Delhi, India / Kathmandu, Nepal


 When:                                                           October 2023-24


 Duration:                                                      Two weeks / one month


 Start dates:                                                   October 16 - November 02, 2023.

 ( Note: the trip will be available on other dates depending on the group format )

   Route India                                                Delhi - Rishikesh - Haridwar - Uttarkashi - Dayara Bugyal Trek -                                                                                           Dehradun  - Delhi


  Route Nepal                                               Kathmandu - Dakshinkali - Champadevi - Pokhara - Australian Camp -         

 Poonhill Trek - Pokhara - Kathmandu


  Accommodation:                                       Hotel/guest house/tent


 Transport:                                                    Train/minibus/bus/rickshaw/walk

 In a program

Yoga classes, exploring spiritual and historical sites, light tracing, views of the snowy Himalayas, campfire cooking           classes, meditation, awareness and self-healing for stress, anxiety, fear, phobia and depression, emotional expansion    techniques.

Link to the chat for participants, all questions to the speakers can be asked here

Telegram :

Registration: Application and all questions WhatsApp /telegram - +917021492798

 Note : the itinerary may change at the request of the team.

What else awaits us on the expedition:

01~ Start the day with meditation and yoga-satsanga: collective meditation, chanting mantras. Then morning yoga practice - pranayama, Surya Namaskar, asanas, outdoor recreation.

02~ Active trekking (available to all) along picturesque trails with views of the majestic mountains.

03~ We will do deep therapy, healing and meditation.

04~ Reiki with nature.

05~ Vegetarian cooking classes.

06~ Learn to walk the inner path and answer the questions that are important to you.

07~ Support a team of like-minded and creative people, together we will go through an important path for everyone.

08~ Two guides-translators, creative personalities, in love with mountains and travel, ready to share inspiration and knowledge.

09~ We are accompanied by a professional photographer and operator (photo session in the mountains).

10~ Discover a new culture and discover new traditions of life.

Let's take care of the soul and make life beautiful...

Traveling Programs 

Our journey consists of two parts - the outer and the inner path. Outwardly, we will be hiking and camping in the mountains and sacred places of the Himalayas. During the journey, we will try to piece together the soul of everyone - inwardly everyone will go on their own journey towards the present.

Day 01: New Delhi - Pahadganj Main Bazaar - Haridwar - Rishikesh

Gateway of India Delhi

We meet at the New Delhi airport and head to the Main Bazaar, the main market, the tourist center of the city, where there are many guest houses and many shops with fruits, clothes, jewelry, etc. This is a colorful place that captures the spirit of India. If you arrive early, you can explore the nearby temple complexes and popular Delhi markets. Delhi, the capital of India, is a mixture of cultures and a boiling cauldron of religions, arts and everyday life.

Night Train: Old Delhi - Haridwar-Rishikesh Overnight Train (486 km / 13 hours)

Day 02: Haridwar - Rishikesh

Rishikesh is considered one of the most famous cities in the foothills of the Himalayas. We will arrive early in the morning at the Haridwar railway station, from where we will be transferred to the Rishikesh hotel. After arrival at the hotel - breakfast and rest. In the evening, sightseeing, a refreshing walk through the city of Rishikesh and a visit to the Aarti ceremony at Parmart Niketan. Then - return to the hotel and overnight in the sacred city of India, also known for its unsurpassed natural beauty.

beauty. Evening time is allocated for sightseeing Ganga Arati evening meditation dinner overnight at the ashram.

Day 03: Rishikesh - Kunjapuri - Rishikesh
We will depart early in the morning for Kunjapuri with our yoga teacher and enjoy a packed breakfast along the way. Kunjapuri Temple will be your destination today.


Kunjapuri is one of the three siddha pitas or shakti pitas dedicated to Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva, located on top of three different mountains in the divine Himalayan range of the Tehri Garhwal region. A well-known mythological story is connected with the sacred triangle of this temple - Sati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati, burned herself in a sacrificial fire, and Lord Shiva carried the dead body of his wife towards the Himalayas. The 52 places where parts of her dead body fell are known and revered as the Pit Siddha and Kunjapuri; Surkanda Devi and Chandrabadni are three of them. At an altitude of 1645 meters, this place offers stunning and expansive views of the Himalayas in the north, while in the south you will see Rishikesh, Haridwar and the Doon Valley.

Kunjapuri is 32 km from Rishikesh Hotel.

The next program planned for this day is yoga classes in the lap of nature, on top of a hill with a yoga trainer. After breakfast, you will take a long walk through a typical Garhwali village before returning to your hotel.

In the evening, another yoga class is scheduled in the hotel's yoga room. We'll spend the night there.

Day 04: Rishikesh – Vashishta Cave

We will refresh ourselves with a morning yoga class near Maa Ganga and after breakfast we will head to our today's Vashishta Cave. About 25 km from Rishikesh.

Vashisht Cave

This sacred place is located in the middle of the hills. The tranquility of this place is magical. This place is blessed with ethereal silence, except for the pleasant sound of falling leaves, the chirping of birds and the murmur of the river Ganges flowing to the right of the cave.

According to mythology, about 3000 years ago, the great sage Vashishta performed austerities at this place. The entire complex consists of a temple, living quarters for the residents of the ashram, and a huge cave: about 20 feet long and 10 feet wide at the entrance, it gradually narrows to a height of about 7 feet. Looking at the entrance to the cave, Looking at the entrance to the cave, it is impossible to guess what is inside. what is inside. The cave stretches far through the mountain, and at the very end is the Shiva Lingam with an oil lamp. Separated from the rest of the territory, this is the innermost part of the cave, where, apparently, sages in their astral forms descend from the remote corners of the Himalayas for meditation.

We will return to the hotel in the afternoon and take part in an evening yoga class at the hotel's yoga hall. We will spend the night at the hotel.

Additional activities in RISHIKESH:

1) Private walking tour of Rishikesh.

2) Rafting on the Ganges

3) Camping on the river bank

4) Rajaji National Park Jungle Safari

5) Photo tour of Rishikesh

Trekking camping and yoga - Dayara Bugyal

Meditation and Yoga Program: -

-Additional program

- Interweaving practices

- Meditation

- We are with dreams and goals

- Hatha yoga and couple yoga

- Massage techniques

- Gesture drawing

- Art therapy



 Dayar Bugyal Trek

Maximum altitude - 3,000 meters (11,000 feet) 28 sq. km,

Gradient trekking: easy to medium track - suitable for beginners

Track length: 17 km.

Temperature: 13°C to 18°C ​​during the day and -3°C to 4°C at night.

Number of days to hike: - 8 days (depending on your speed)

- Hiking part of the route for 5 hours of hiking per day

- Accommodation: tent

Day 05: Rishikesh - Barsu (225 km / 7-8 hours)

After breakfast drive to Sangamchatti via Uttarkashi. The ride follows the course of the Ganges River and then the Bhagirathi River. As expected, the view is simply breathtaking. We will arrive at a picturesque village overlooking the vast Bhagirathi valley. Overnight in a guest house/tent.

Day 06: Barsu - Barnala Bugyal (6 km / 3-4 hours) (3040 meters)


This day after breakfast we will drive to Barnala Bugyal. It will be a difficult climb through dense oak and rhododendron forest. From several places during this trek through the forests, we will be able to see mountains such as Draupadi Ka Danda. Here you can also see summer shelters, known as shepherd chanis, as well as the presence of small reservoirs. Overnight in a tent.

Day 07: Barnala Bugyal - Dayara Bugyal (6 km / 2.5 hours)

The hike follows a well-paved trail through pine forests and climbs above the tree line to the alpine meadows of Dayara Bugyal. The air is so thin at this altitude that tree life is almost non-existent, and you can see high-mountain varieties of pine and juniper adapted to survive in these conditions! The spring thaw melts the snow, forming a soft carpet of wild grass dotted with hundreds of varieties of wild flowers blooming in the bright sun. Bells and crows are the only sounds other than the gentle hum of the wind, the only companions of the reverent visitor. Locals believe that angels and fairies live in Bugyal, so it is forbidden to drink alcohol and spicy food here! we will spend the night here in a tent.

Day 08: - 13 Yoga Meditation at the top of the Himalayas - Dayara Bugyal

We will spend about 3-4 days at Dayara Bugyal, the top of the mountain, we will try to practice yoga and meditation every day in the open air, from where we can see and feel all the Himalayan peaks. every day with an undulating surface and countless flowing streams. we observe various elements that make this place picturesque. Here you can see such rare birds of prey as lamargyre and griffon. Overnight in a tent.

Day 14: Dayara Bugyal - Barsu - Uttarkashi

After breakfast, we will descend to the village of Barsu along a steep descent. We will arrive at a village destroyed by the 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake. The powerful influence of the earthquake is still felt here. From here, head to Uttarkashi for an overnight stay.

Day 15 Uttarkashi - Haridwar (190km drive) - Delhi (by train)

We will drive from Uttarkashi to Haridwar and from there we will go to Haridwar railway station to catch the train to Delhi at 18:05. Arrival in Delhi at 22:45.


Meditation and Practice Program

 An additional program is the interweaving of practices:


 - Meditation

 -Tantra Yoga & Kundalini Yoga 

 - Hatha yoga and Pair Yoga

 - Massage Techniques

 - Gesture Painting

 - Work with dreams and goals

 - Art Therapy

 -Dance-motor therapy

Team of Conductors 

We are not guides. We are guide travelers, inspired by the beauty of nature and people, experts in creative professions, and presenters. And we are happy to guide you along the mountain route and share the inspiration that the mountains give. We organize domestic issues on site. We will carry out 2-3 meditative and creative practices per day. But we will create a journey with you. And each of us depends on how it develops. So we are waiting for those who are open to the world and people who are ready to break away from city comfort and go to meet with other souls in the Himalaya, to meet with themselves.

WAT pics.jpg

—Director, screenwriter, more than 12 years in art, documentary cinema, and short film.


-Founder of his film studio Himanti Productions and the project “WE ARE TRAVELLERS” 


- Ideal inspirer of the journey “Way to Himalaya ” 

- Guide to the routes of India and Nepal - “WAT HOSTEL” 

- A man of the world, a bearer of his culture and respecting other cultures 

- Open and deeply sensitive to people.


Yulia Krikunova

— Spiritual mentor and organizer of retreats that reveal a person’s abilities and help answer the question “who are you”


- Creator of author's trips dedicated to the secret knowledge of our planet and spiritual practices (in Russia and other countries)


- Restores human strength through energy massage, balances the human structure, activates chakras and meridians Freelance traveler (28 countries)


- Studying Western and Eastern culture and religions, customs, shamanism, Buddhism, tantra, yoga, sound and vibration fields.


- Translator from English into Russian, from Buddhist mentality into Russian.


- Teacher of deep breathing practice, energy practices, Kumnye (Tibetan practices), attention and awareness in the Vipassana tradition.


-Tea master

Our Past Trips In The Indian And Nepal Himalayas

In February 2019, the team and we went up to a height of 3200 meters. We passed the popular Himalayan track - Poon Hill. And although it was very cloudy at dawn at the highest point, during the descent we already saw the whole amazing panorama of mountain ranges! In the end, it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to the mountains and return to the city.

The Cost Of The One Month Trip: 1200 $

The Cost Of The Two Week  Trip:   600 $

With Early Prepayment Until  August - 590$


Prepayment (non-refundable) - $ 100 + airfare (if you want to fly with a group)

We can arrange the purchase of tickets for the whole group. It’s convenient - everyone flies on one flight, we’ll have time to get to know each other, and you’re less trouble.


The cost of traveling through the valleys of India Nepal includes:


- Accompanying two guides - a local who knows the route and a Russian-speaking assistant.


- Transport throughout the route - buses from the airport to Delhi and back, Delhi-Kathmandu.


- Accommodation in city hotels, guest houses, as well as in campsites along the route.


- Breakfasts in cities and hikes, creative dinner from Rahul


- Yoga, meditation and other creative programs.


Separately Paid:


- Airfare to Delhi and back to Home City


- Visa to India-Nepal


- Access to mountain trails (issued on the spot by each participant independently and only on the spot)

Personal expenses: lunches, dinners, laundry, souvenirs, trekking equipment rental (if necessary)

Unforeseen personal expenses.


-Any other services not listed above (paragliding, outdoor activities)

For all questions, write to the organizer Rahul +917021492798 or Raul's assistant in Russia - Yulia .

Transfer of advance payment for seat reservation:

UNION BANK OF INDIA (Rahul Lalit Chand Pandey)

Account no. : 319602010036707

IFSC Code : UBIN0556530

MICR Code: 400026126

Branch Code: 556530

State: Maharashtra

District: Greater Bombay

Branch: Lokhandwala Complex

City: Mumbai India 

Daily Activities
Our Past Trip
Accommodation and Meals


Accommodation and Meals

You do not need to take tents and sleeping bags with you. Meals will be in checked places along the route.  

Rahul will also be happy to prepare for us traditional dishes of local cuisine and tell about the properties of oriental spices.



​More About Projects and Travels:



WAT HOSTEL project (trekking in the Himalayas of India and Nepal, creative travels, and pilgrimage to holy places) - this project is part of and support for a larger international film project. 

WE ARE TRAVELLERS  is a project dedicated to LIFE, LOVE PEACE. The lack of borders, the desire for peace within ourselves, and the promotion of peace on the entire planet. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a documentary film about the difference of cultures and about what unites all people on earth, and about joint creativity and creation. 
Those who wish to continue the conquest of the Himalayas, we invite you to participate in the creation of a documentary film about travelers.



Are you ready for a deep inner transformation? Are you ready to find yourself and explore Indian and Nepalese culture and traditions.


1. If you are visiting India, Nepal and the highlands for the first time, first consult your doctor to check for any medical conditions that may be a contraindication to climbing. Usually, if you are generally healthy, travelers like only long walks and hikes in the mountains, but it is better to play it safe, as people with high blood pressure, vegetative-vascular dystonia, respiratory and cardiac diseases may encounter some problems. in height, and it is better to know about them in advance.

2. WAT  travel programs don't always run exactly on schedule. There are unplanned long days or early nights due to weather conditions or other reasons beyond the control of the organizers.


3. There are places on this route with limited communications and/or medical assistance. If this is a concern for you, you must take out extended insurance before you leave.


4. Competitors must be prepared for low temperatures with snow and strong cold winds.


5. Any additional costs that may arise due to delays due to adverse weather conditions, medical evacuation, etc., are the responsibility of the participants. Any delay due to bad weather, blocked or closed roads, etc., beyond the control of the organizers, will be paid according to the cost of the tour for the scheduled days.


6. All participants are advised to have travel insurance to cover incidental expenses while traveling in the wilderness.

Questions and Answer's 

Call/Whatsapp/ Telegram.

+917021492798 Rahul
Add to zoom - wearetravellerslife

or Add to Skype - rahulhimanti

Take a deep breath and embark on a journey that will change the way you think about life!

See you in India - Nepal Himalayas



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