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How do we discover this inner joy and purpose? We find it through WAT

We believe Traveling Without a Plan ,Self Explore, Feel the universal energy and Experience every destination , Connect with people to people and share your energy with love and peace.


WAT HOSTEL Journey to Nepal Himalaya program is for those who, believe life is too short or want self explore and new impressions, want to get inspiration from people living this life with the Heart. That is how most Nepalese live.These people infect us with their positive, relaxed and love for everything that they do.In Nepal, you will see happy people not only among yogis, sadhus, you will meet them everywhere - in the market among the sellers, in the cafe among the waiters, in poor villages …


-Do you want know What do you really want in life ?

-Do you want know What makes you happy in life ?

-Do you want to know why we are here ?

-Do you want to know who you are?




-Do you want know What gives you peace of mind and fulfills you inside?

We know all of questions a sudden it hit you! My life’s purpose was simply to be happy.

How is possible ?

Well If you Making the decision to be happy in beautiful and short life

-If you want connect people to people around world

-If you really Want promote world peace via change your self first and your Karma ( action) ?



Let’s know about  yourself ? find the real meaning of life and share love and peace around world and Travel with WAT HOSTEL !

 Your welcome to Himalaya NEPAL

Nepal, the country of the great enlightened.We will travel to places of power, places saturated with the energy of the great seekers of the truth of antiquity. 


 In this program we tried to accommodate very different impressions.

  We will go to the most picturesque places of Nepal:

  •  The most important Shiva Temple in the world - Pashupatinath Hindu temple.


  • The largest Buddhist Stupa Boudanath, where all innermost desires are fulfilled.

  • We will go on puja - Buddhist services. 

  • We will meet with Lamas, we will be able to communicate with them, get a blessing or a transfer to             practice.

  • Harati Hindu temple next to Swayambhunath Stupa, in which childless couples and women ask for the birth of children and their requests are granted.


DURATION :13 Night/ 14 Days

STARTS AT Kathmandu ENDS AT Kathmandu


GROUP SIZE 1 -10 max


ACCOMODATION Hotel : / Camp / Guest house/Village Home stay 


MEALS : Breakfast : / Lunch / Dinner


TRANSPORT : Bus / Car / Van/Foot



Group Start from  FEB  01 - 12, 2018 / FEB. 14 - 26 FEB.

Two weeks in Himalaya, living in the heaven


WAT hostel travelling is revolution in humans mind.

  • You will touch the secrets of Himalaya spirituality!


  • Feel the silent mysticism of the mountains and sacred places of power of Himalaya !

  • Get acquainted with various kinds of  meditation , the ancient Shiva technology, Buddhist meditation techniques.  

  • Let's  Learn and practice different types of yoga and mediation with Nature bye yourself .

  • Breathtaking views of Mt. Annapurna, Ganesh, Manaslu and Langtang, Fish tail

  • Explore the rural lifestyle of local community. On way to ticking.

  • Visit Pokhara; called city of lakes.

  • UNESCO world heritage sites


  • Will Connect with people to people     

  • We will learn to heal ourselves and others with the help  by communications.  

  • We will make a pilgrimage to holy places, places of power, whose energy will help us transform.

  • We will meet with the  Lamas, ask them about the hidden things and visit the puja.


  • On way to tacking mountain  find new friends of different countries connect with them by soul  share your knowledge  love and  peace !


  • Will join the authentic traditions and customs of this mysterious and amazing country!

        and much, much more awaits you in these journeys! .

1)Kathmandu: Thamel - tourist market

2)Pashupatinath Hindu Temple

3)Boudhanath Buddhist stupa

4)Swayambhunath Monastery  

5)King Square

6)Dakshin Kali Hindu Temple

7)Namkhai Rinpoche Monastery

8)Vajrayogini Temple

9)Stone Green Tara Temple

10)Meditation in Padmasambhava Cave



1)Boat trip on the lake Feva.

 2)Dawn meeting at the Sarangkot Observation Point.

3) Walking tour to Naubanda.

4)Meditation in the mountains.

Traditional Nepalese village:

We will see how the inhabitants of the village live, let's take a closer look at their way of life, work and everyday troubles. Here we are waiting for a traditional dinner in the Nepali style. 

We will see the ancient town of Kirtipur,here we will visit the ethnographic museum, the exhibits of which will help to get even closer acquainted with the Nepalese culture.

Airfare to Nepal  is not included. 

(The approximate cost of return flight is $ 600).


A visa to Nepal is issued upon arrival at Kathmandu at the airport.

Please, check information about visas for Nepal on this link and on the website of the Embassy of Nepal in Your country. 

To obtain a visa, you must submit on the border 1 to 4 Photos 4 cm (color or b / w, passport with a validity period of 6 months and fill out the questionnaire)


·Accompanying Russian-speaking guide on the route.

·-Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back with a representative.

·-All taxes.

·-Accommodation in the rooms 10 nights / 12 days in the base breakfast in the hotel with double occupancy


City -                                                              Hotels /Camping / Village Home Stay-                                Nights 

Kathmandu Thamel                                                                                                                                                    2

Pokhara                                                                                                                                                                            2

Tarking/ Camping / village Home Stay                                                                                                               6




  • Flights

  • Personal expenses, such as: hotel bills for additional phone calls, laundry, drinks, mini-bar, tips, etc.

  • Expenses incurred in the event of hospitalization or evacuation, etc.

  • Any other services not listed above.


WAT travel open the whole year! Join at any time and together we will open the most amazing life in NEPAL Himalaya 


If you want to join the group, For all questions, write in private messages please feel free contact

 Tel / Viber/WhatsApp:  + 917506415585

вотсап +7 926 715-79-22 Анна (переводчик )


skype: rahulhiamnti


See you in the Himalayas!





                - A Journey Into Finding Your Life Purpose

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