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WAT Hostel  Ladakh or “Little Tibet”

      -Adventure Trip To Himalayas

Ladakh or “Little Tibet” is one of the untouched corners of the Himalayas in the far north of India. At the source of the Indus on the Tibetan plateau (about 4000 m), surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Himalayan ranges, the land of Ladakh is unique in its beauty of nature and ancient customs. Largely influenced by Buddhism, Ladakh is home to numerous ornate monasteries. According to many legends, the paths of Buddha and Jesus Christ knowledge passed here, the arias carried Sanskrit through the ridges of Central Asia to India, and caravans with invaluable goods kept their way from Kashmir to China.
Ladakh is often called Shambhala or “The land and of High Paths” and wins hearts with its simplicity and rugged natural beauty. Time flows slowly in the mountains. Here we can escape from rat races and listen to our hearts. A visit to the region is no less than exploring your own desires and in-depth peace. And we will answer the question of who we are and what our mission is on the Earth!
The WAT HOSTEL team invites you on a trekking-spiritual journey through the mountains of Ladakh. Together with the WAT HOSTEL, we will explore the rare non-touristic and energetically strong places of Little Tibet. On our route, we will explore the vibrant, multifaceted Delhi, the mountainous and cozy Manali, the ancient Leh, and many places of power - Buddhist temples. Half of the trip will trekking
route, where we will get in touch even more with the culture and nature of Ladakh. We won’t be your guides but we will become your friends- creative and spiritual people fascinated by world beauty and human love. On the way we will share our knowledge in the field of Vedic traditions, cooking, Ayurveda. Together we will practice yoga and dive into meditations with the view of gorgeous mountains.

Duration- explore cities: 8 days
Duration of Trek: 4 days
Highest Point: Gandala (4380m)
Highlight: Trekking, Wildlife, People, Home stay, Monasteries and Landscape, Culture and life style.
Trekking Program :Leh / Zingchen / Rumbak / Kaya / Chilling/ Gandala / Markha Valley
The trekking part of our travelling is easily accessible from Leh and offers a large diversity of landscapes. The green oasis of the Markha Valley guarded by Kang Yatse 6400mts from east and Zanskar range from the south west. From any of the high points you can have breath-taking views of the Korakoram Saser Kangri peak (7670mts), Stok Kangri (6150mts), Kang Yatse 6400mts and Nun Kun (7135mts.).
During this trek you will go through many scattered high villages, each with irrigated fields of barley, wheat and mustard which adds brilliance to the landscape of this broken moon land. And Markha valley trek is a part of Hemis National Park, where there is always an opportunity of spotting wild animals.


During our trip, we will:

- Perform bodily and spiritual tracking in the Spiti and Sangla valleys - Take part in prayer ceremonies at the Ki monasteries in the city of Kaza and mantropenia with the novices of a Buddhist monastery


- admire panoramic views of the river valley, the snowy peaks of Kan Yatse 6400m from east and Zanskarsky ridge from the south-west, peak Korakoram Suther Kangri (7670 m), Stoke Kangri (6150 m) and Nun Kun (7135 m). 

- We will spend the night for a few days in a Buddhist monastery, immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the monks. 

- In Delhi we will visit the Lakshmi Narayan temple, the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, take a walk around the Majnukatil district .

- in Manali we will study the history and secrets of the Hadimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple

- we will enjoy the architecture and paintings of the royal palaces, the work of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich.

- we will get acquainted with the life of a real Himalayan village - we will 
live away from the bustle of civilization and surrounded by silent mountains. 

- Learn the secrets of Indian spices and learn how to cook local dishes. 

- we will practice meditation, yoga and other spiritual and bodily techniques. 

-test ourselves and get stronger in spirit! 


We will share (spiritual, bodily and creative practices): 

1. Yoga practice for travelers. 

2. Relaxing meditation

3. Pranayama, breathing techniques.

4. Soulful conversations around the campfire 

5. The study of Roerich's painting 

6. Joint photo creativity.

7. body art practices.

WAT HOSTEL Travel  & Trekking Program:

 Weather:  August to March 


There are different types of visas available to enter India. Please check out their website for more info and Visa forms at your country's embassy


It would be better not exchange money at the airport, you can exchange in banks, and with "money changers". With money changers be careful, they give also "wrong" money. Also, there are many ATM-Machines in Delhi and India.

Money is easy to get in India; there are thousands of ATM’s money machines in many cities and towns. Please ask your bank if your card would work in India. These cards offer a quite good bank exchange rate. Please check with your bank that your card is "free for Asia" otherwise all credit-cards do work.

At the airport you should only exchange a small amount of money because there the rate is much higher. In Delhi or big cities there are money changers everywhere.

Travel Program

(by city and trekking in the mountains): 

Duration of the urban part: 8 days

Camping duration: 4 days. 

Focus: Monasteries, People, Villages. Culture and lifestyle, Tibetan medicine, cooking. 

Itinerary: Delhi- Sangla Valley- Chitkul-Spiti Valley (Caza) - Manali-Naggar 

Welcome tourist experience, preparedness for cooking at the stake, overnight in a tent, hiking trekking.

This path is for amateur photographers. During this journey, we will pass through highland villages, mustard, and wheat fields, adding vibrancy to the ascetic landscape. Take cameras, different lenses, patience, and silence)

Day 01: Delhi - Manali ( Bus / 538.2 km )

We meet at the airport of New Delhi and go to Majnukatila, ( Little Tibet) If you arrived by early plane, you can explore the nearby Laxmi Narayan Temple and Swaminarayan Akshardham temple. Night Bus Delhi - Manali (distance: 538 km)

Day 2: Sightseeing in Manali

Arrive at Manali , take rest little after a delicious breakfast,start for city tour of manali head out to visit Manali's famous palce . We can choose to indulge in adventure activities like paragliding, zorbing etc. Then we will visit to Tibetan Monastery, Hadimba Devi Temple and the Manu Temple, dedicated to Sage Manu. Will introduce each other life story and why we decided to travel in Himalaya?

Day 3 : Manali to Leh (472.8 km)

Wake up early- the bus from Manali to Leh. Dinner, rest and night at the hotel in Leh .

Day 4: Leh

Our spiritual journey for full day excursion to the famous monasteries. Attend the prayer ceremony at Phyang and Spituk monastery will meet Buddhism monks and will do some mediation during prayer .

Later in the day, visit the Leh Mosque, Kings Palace and Leh Gompa. Also visit Shey Palace. During having dinner will share our of spiritual journey experience and mediation.

WAT HOSTEL Trekking Program “Adventure Life”:

Day 5: Drive from Leh to Spituk (40 min) Trek to Zingchen to Rumbak 4-5 hours)

Drive to Zingchen and walk towards Rumbak through a straight forward road. Will enter Hemis national park – habitat of Snow leopard and mountain ungulates. Walk through a narrow trail and valley widens as will arrive Rumbak village. Rumbak offers us an opportunity to stay in a village house with the family . Will get to try different local food during our home stay experience.

Day 06: Rumbak to Yurutse 2-3 hours

With traditional Ladakhi breakfast begins our day trek to Yurutse. We proceed for a short walk for wildlife sightseeing. Evening time will learn Ladakhi Traditional cooking and music. We will communicate with village people by soul.

Day 07: Yurutse to Kaya 6-7 hours

From Yurutse follow the path along the mountains, and then cross a small valley to a zig zag steep path. Thereafter cross Ganda La pass (4380m)and after about two hours of descending walk you get to the beautiful valley of Markha. A few hundred meters further is the Kaya village, where we stay in a family house.

Day 08: Kaya to Chilling to Leh 2-3 hours

Breakfast, walk towards Chilling across the Zanskar River and drive back to Leh, where will get by evening.

Day 09 . Leh - Pangong Lake - Leh (222.9 km)

We will enjoy a full day excursion to Pangong Lake. A lake is a landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. The lake changes color 3 to 4 times a day. Overnight stay at the hotel. Dinner with conversation .

Day 10 : Leh - Sarchu 230 km

Early morning- bus to Sarchu. While driving to Sarchu on stop midway at Upshi to visit Hundur and Hemis monastery. Will Take a quick peek at these Camps in Sarchu and get ready to make your night special while camping high up in the mountains while watching the stars. overnight stay at the camp.

Day 11 : Sarchu - Jispa - Manali (230 km)

After sun raise will drive to Manali via Jispa. While crossing Jispa, spot amazing scenery and panoramic views of the lovely Himalayas that pass by us. Rest and relax in hotel, lunch. We step out for visiting Hadimba Temple, Jogini Waterfall Manu Temple. Also enjoy Vashist springs for a hot sulphur spring bath, known to have medicinal powers. overnight stay in Manali.

Day 12 : Manali - Naggar - Delhi (343.3 km)

breakfast, leave for Naggar to Delhi. In will go to the Urusvati Institute, founded by Elena Roerich. In addition to the arts and crafts of the inhabitants of the Himalayan valleys, here you can find photos of the Himalayas, flora, reproductions and books of the Roerichs. Will walk to the archaic village of Rums (Rumtsu) with an ancient temple and sacred trees.

Day 13- Free day

Day to explore routes to Shamballa, Roerich’s art/ Time to create your piece of art. Over Night Bus Manali - Delhi (distance: 538 km)

Day 14 - Check-in Hotel main bazaar, Delhi.

End of the journey. Further self-study of Delhi or departure to Delhi International Airport.

The cost of the trip: 400 $

with advance payment until August 26, $ 500

Prepayment (non-refundable) - $ 100 + airfare (if you want to fly with a group)

We can arrange the purchase of tickets for the whole group (on April 29 we buy tickets). It’s convenient - everyone flies on one flight, we’ll have time to get to know each other, and you’re less trouble.

The cost of a trip to the valleys of India includes:

· Escort of two leaders - a local, knowledgeable route and a Russian-speaking guide. 

· Transport on the entire route - buses from the airport to Delhi and back, from Delhi-Sangla-Spiti-Manali-Naggar. 

· Hotel accommodation in cities, guest houses and on the route camping. 

· Breakfasts in cities and on trekking, a creative dinner from Rahul .

· Yoga, meditation, creative program.

Separately Paid:

· Flights to Delhi and back.

· Indian visa 4000 rubles.

· Admission to mountain trails (done on the spot) .

· Personal expenses: lunch and dinner, laundry, souvenirs. 

· Unforeseen personal expenses, 

· Any other services not listed above (paragliding, outdoor activities)

For all questions, write to  Anna Stoyanova or call +7 926 715 79 22

Transfer money to a Sberbank card (Anna G. Stoyanova) 
5469 3800 2350 5091

or on a Tinkoff card 
5536 9137 6550 0760


Accommodation and meals:

During the trip, we will live mainly in guest houses in the mountains. 
There will be 2 nights in Manali, 4 nights in Leh, 4 nights on the route in guest houses and equipped camping, and 1 night in Delhi. You do not need to take tents and sleeping bags with you. Meals will be in checked places along the route. And the guide Raul will be happy to prepare for us the traditional dishes of local cuisine and talk about the properties of oriental spices.

More about projects and travels:

WAT HOSTEL project (trekking in the Himalayas of India and Nepal, creative travels and pilgrimage to holy places) - this project is part of and support for a larger international film project. 
WE ARE TRAVELERS  is a project dedicated to LIFE, LOVE AND PEACE. The lack of borders, the desire for peace within ourselves and the promotion of peace on the entire planet. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a documentary film about the difference of cultures and about what unites all people on earth, and about joint creativity and creation. 
Those who wish to continue the conquest of the Himalayas, we invite you to participate in the creation of a documentary film about travelers.

We want honestly and heartily to share the happy life Himalaya discovery with you and we want to kindly attract our people. =) You are welcome to ask any questions- write or call...


Whatsapp. +917021492798 Rahul

 Skype: rahulhimanti


Are you ready for deep internal changes? Are you ready to face life and go to Little Tibet?

Take a deep breath and decide on a journey that can turn your ideas about life!

See you in the Himalayas!


Sincerely, Rahul, and Anna!

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