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Trekking and the path of the soul... 

Holi Festival! Tracking + meditation.

March 5 to 18, 2020 

Where:      Nepal, Kathmandu, Pokhara

When:    March 5 to 18, 2020 

Accommodation:   Hotel / Guesthouse / Tent

Movement:     minivan / bus / taxi / on foot

The program includes easy tracking, UNESCO objects, authentic mountain villages, views of the snowy Himalayas, art and body practices, morning meditations, creativity, shooting movie sketches.

Route:  Pokhara-Dampus-Australian Camp-Panchase-Makanpur- Pokhara.

Registration: application and all questions - write to  Anna Stoyanova or call +7926 715 79 22.

Journey "Path to Nepal. Returning to Yourself ”is not just trekking or a tour of the temples of Hinduism. This immersion in the culture and a deep internal reboot is the path of the soul.

In October, we set off on a meditative-creative journey through the Nepalese Himalayas. Visit and feel the energy of the holy places of Kathmandu-Swayanbunadh, the Shiva Temple, the Buddha's stupa, the royal Durbar Square. Learn more about the ancient philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism from the lips of monks. We have to go trekking route (easy 2-3 hours a day, 5 days). We will visit authentic Nepalese villages, admire the views of the snowy peaks of Annapurna and other mountains. And let us ask those deep-seated questions about life and soul that we often postpone for later.


Indeed, in the Himalayas just do not come. This is the call of the heart!

This is the need to slow down, to be in silence. The opportunity to be alone with the mountains and listen to the voice of your soul.

The majestic mountain landscape of the Himalayas and the places of power of Buddhists and Hindus are the best places for deep internal transformations. A meditation, art therapy, massage, and body practice will be the support on the way, will help to realize their feelings. This journey is the work of the soul.

What is waiting for us :

Active trekking (accessible to all) along scenic paths with views of the majestic mountains with a height of 6000-8000 meters - Mount Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh-Himal

2.  Meeting with monuments of architecture of Buddhism and Hinduism in Kathmandu and Pokhare - UNESCO World Heritage Sites


3.  Immersion in the culture and simple and happy life of Nepalese.


4.  A sense of the quiet mysticism of the mountains and sacred places of power of the Himalayas!


5. The opportunity to experience themselves in unusual conditions and in the team of the same travelers.


6. Morning meditations, art-body therapy, dance and movement practices.


7. Ability to go through your own inner path


8. Two translator guides, creative personalities in love with mountains and travel


9. Accompanying a professional photographer and cameraman.

Travel itinerary:


Our journey consists of two parts - the outer and the inner path. Externally, we will go trekking in the mountains and sacred places of Nepal. But internally everyone goes on his journey towards the present.


Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu.

The whole group is going. We rest after the flight. Festive dinner - acquaintance, request for a trip - desires, safety technology in the mountains.

Day 2: Discover Kathmandu - the city of temples:

Meditation-setting on the trip. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple of Hinduism, Bodnath Buddhist Stupa, Swayambhunath Monastery.

Day 3: transfer from Lumbuni (6 hours)  

The birthplace of the Buddha, the holy city of Buddhist temples. Meditation and meeting with monks. Let's make a pilgrimage to the Maya Devi Temple, the Burmese Monastery, the Golden Temple of Myanmar, the monasteries of the Theravada tradition and the Mahayana monasteries.

Day 4: transfer from Pokhara (6 hours)

Walk around the city, surrounded by snowy peaks, preparation for trekking, evening body practice.

Day 5. Morning meditation + yoga by the lake. boat trip on Phewa Lake, half-day trekking to the World Stupa, Shiva Temple on the island.

Moving to the monastery - acquaintance with the Lama, meditations and immersion in the life of monks. Nightlife in the monastery.



- Part of the route - 5 days, 3-4 hours of tracking per day (light, without heavy backpacks))

- Accommodation: guest house / camping 1 night


Day 6: morning meditation in the monastery, transfer to Nayapulya, trekking to the village of Dampus - we will go up to the platform with a panorama of the mountains of Manaslu (from Sanskrit “Spirit and Soul” 8156 m), Machapuchare (“Fishtail” 6998 m high), massage practice, dinner, spiritual stories, overnight in Dampus.

Day 7: Track to the Australian camp, morning dance-movement practice, track 2-3 hours to the camp, walk around the surroundings - viewing points on the mountain ridges.

Day 8: morning yoga, Trek in Panchas (2500 m) 5-6 hours along a forest trail and small traditional Nepalese villages, art-body practice.

Day 9: Day at Panchase- morning body practice, light track to the lakes and the Buddhist stupa (without large backpacks, 3-4 hours), a meditation on the shore of a secluded lake, dinner, creative practice. Panchas night.

Day 10: Track to the village of Makanpur - morning practice, we go down to Makanpur (2-3 hours) - authentic village and life, acquaintance with the life of the village and communication with the Dutch artist, who learned the harmony of life. contemplation of the panorama of the mountains at sunset, return to Pokhara by bus (2-3 hours), walk around the city. Art-body practice.

Day 11: Free day in Pokhara - paragliding with views of the Himalayas (optional), massages, walks, buying gifts, in the evening - the final art practice (to realize and assign experience in the mountains), a festive dinner.

Day 12: Transfer to Kathmandu (6 hours), walk around the city, end of our journey.

Day 13: a plane to Moscow, returning home.


The program of supporting practices:

The morning will begin with meditation and setting for the day. And in the evening there will be time for silence and the opportunity to put impressions and thoughts for the day, ask yourself those questions, which are often not enough time in the city. We will switch from constant analysis to living the moment, to the feeling of happiness within ourselves. Let us listen to the voice of your soul. And we will answer the deepest questions: Who are we and what are we striving for? Are we able to listen to our inner voice and relentlessly go our own way? What is our strength? What do we broadcast to the world and what message do we want to convey to people through our activities? Do we perceive others without evaluations, openly and lively? And how can one feel this clarity of thoughts and inner harmony in ordinary life, in the city?


This program is an interlacing of practices:

- Meditation

- Hatha yoga and steam yoga

- Massage techniques

- Authentic movement

- Contact Improvisation

- Gesture drawing

- Work with dreams and goals

- Art therapy

- Dance therapy


Travel Cost : 

upon prepayment:
until January 1 - $ 550
until February 10 - $ 600
after February 7, 650 $
A discount:
- for the first two participants
- for participants of past travels
- for couples and groups.

For participants of past travels and programs- discount!

Prepayment (non-refundable) - $ 100

We can help with the purchase of air tickets (it’s best to all go together on one flight - we’ll get to know each other on the way)


The cost of travel in Nepal includes:


· Accompanying two presenters - a local, knowledgeable route and a Russian-speaking guide.

· Transportation on the whole route - taxi from the airport to Kathmandu, buses from Kathmandu-Lumbuni-Pokhara-Nayapul-Pokhara-Kathmandu.

· Hotel accommodation in cities, guest houses and camping on the route.

· Breakfast, gala dinners.

· Yoga and body practice program, meditations.

· Trips to Kathmandu, Lumbuni and Pokhara.

· Tracker card (TIMS) - All necessary permissions and permits.

· Life in a monastery and meditation from the Lama

· Consultations in preparation for the track equipment;

· Assistance with the purchase of air tickets;

· Group first-aid kit


Separately paid:

· Flights to Kathmandu and back

· Nepalese visa $ 25

· Lunch and dinner

· Personal expenses: laundry, souvenirs.

· Any other services not listed above.


Questions and Answers:

You can personally ask all your questions to Anna.

or call whatsapp.

+917506415585 Rahul + 7 926715-79-22 Anna (translator)

Skype rahulhimanti or anigaili


- The organizer of creative travels and author travels (in Russia and in other countries)


- Art therapist, artist-teacher, free traveler


- The creator of the project Art and Travel.


- Reviews of events


- to Russian, from Hindu Russian mentality of a translator from English


- Art therapist, leading meditative-creative practices: setting and supporting on the way inward 

Anna Stoyanova

—Director, screenwriter, more than 12 years in feature films, documentaries and short films.


- Founder of his film studio Himanti Productions and the project “WE ARE TRAVELERS”


- Inspirer of the journey "The path to Nepal. Return to yourself


- Guide to the routes of India and Nepal - "WAT HOSTEL"


- Translator from Nepali to English.


- Lead morning meditations and settings for the day.


- A man of peace, a carrier of his culture and respecting other cultures

- Open and deeply feeling people.

Team of Guides.

We are not guides. We are guides, travelers, inspired by the beauty of nature and people, specialists in creative professions, and presenters. And we are happy to take you along the mountain route and help you walk your inner path. We will organize domestic issues on the spot, acquaint with the culture of the country, and the power of the mountains. We will conduct 2-3 meditative creative practices per day. But the journey we will create with you. And it depends on each of us how it will be formed. So we are waiting for those who are open to the world and people who are ready to break away from urban comfort and go to meet with Nepal, to meet with themselves.



Rahul Himanti Pandey























Accommodation and meals:

During the trip, we will live in hotels in Kathmandu for 2 nights and in Pokhara for 2 nights. The rest of the night, we will stay in guest houses in the villages along the route. Perhaps, we will spend the night 1-2 days in the monastery, plunging into an atmosphere of harmony and silence. Accommodation 2-3 people in the room. Comfortable accommodation, shower in the rooms. Meals will be in the checked places on the route As well as the conductor Raul will be happy to prepare for us traditional dishes of local cuisine and talk about the properties of Oriental spices.

Our past travels in Nepal

With WAT HOSTEL / Art and travel

Read more about projects and travels:

Co-authored Indo-Russian Journey “Path to Nepal. Return to yourself. The program was born from two projects dedicated to traveling around the world and creativity: “WAT Hostel” and “Art and travel”.


WE ARE TRAVELERS is a project dedicated to LIFE, LOVE AND PEACE. The lack of boundaries, the desire for peace within themselves and the promotion of peace throughout the world. Those who wish to continue the conquest of the Himalayas, we invite you to participate in the creation of a documentary film about travelers.


WAT HOSTEL - author travels in Nepal and India, trekking in the Himalayas and pilgrimage to holy places.


ART and TRAVEL- copyrighted art tours around Russia and the world, creative workshops, sessions of art therapy. Life as art: meeting with yourself through art therapy.


Are you ready for deep internal changes? Are you ready to face life?


Take a deep breath and decide on a journey that can turn your ideas about life!

See you in the Himalayas!


Rahul and Anna 


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