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Ladakh or “Little Tibet” is one of the untouched corners of the Himalayas in the far north of India. At the source of the Indus on the Tibetan plateau (about 4000 m), surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Himalayan ranges, the land of Ladakh is unique in its beauty of nature and ancient customs. Largely influenced by Buddhism, Ladakh is home to numerous ornate monasteries. According to many legends, the paths of Buddha and Jesus Christ knowledge passed here, the arias carried Sanskrit through the ridges of Central Asia to India, and caravans with invaluable goods kept their way from Kashmir to China.
Ladakh is often called Shambhala or the “The land and of High Paths” and wins hearts with its simplicity and rugged natural beauty. Time flows slowly in the mountains. Here we can escape from rat races and listen to our hearts. A visit to the region is no less than exploring your own desires and in-depth peace. And we will answer the question who we are and what our mission is on the Earth!
The WAT HOSTEL team invites you on a trekking-spiritual journey through the mountains of Ladakh. Together with the WAT HOSTEL, we will explore the rare non-touristic and energetically strong places of Little Tibet. On our route, we will explore the vibrant, multifaceted Delhi, the mountainous and cozy Manali, the ancient Leh, and many places of power - Buddhist temples. Half of the trip will trekking
route, where we will get in touch even more with the culture and nature of Ladakh. We won’t be your guides but we will become your friends- creative and spiritual people fascinated by world beauty and human love. On the way we will share our knowledge in the field of Vedic traditions, cooking, Ayurveda. Together we will practice yoga and dive into meditations with the view of gorgeous mountains.
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